Writing lesson plans

Presentation of New Material/Procedure (15 minutes) : The teacher will walk over to each student and ask one to pull a slip of paper out of the cup. Written upon the paper, the teacher will explain, are sentences that were taken from student essays from the last class. The teacher will then ask each student to pick one and read it aloud while he (the teacher) writes it on the board; the rason why I did not select the students to go up to the board in write is due to time constraints as well as potential inaccuracies of transcribing—thus, it would be too time consuming for a 45 minute lesson; it would work, however, if more time were permitted. Then, the teacher will ask the student who read the sentence aloud to come to the board and ask his or her classmates to help fix the sentence; the sentence as stated by the student will be written in black ink, while corrections will be made in blue (not red- as red often intimidates).

Inquiry on the Internet:  Evaluating Web Pages for a Class Collection
In this lesson plan, middle school students explore a class inquiry project, collecting Web-based resources that can be used for further study during the course of the class or for more in-depth projects. Students use Internet search engines and Web analysis checklists and questions to find and evaluate online resources then write annotations that explain how and why the items they have found will be valuable to the class. This lesson plan can be completed individually or in groups. For demonstration purposes, this lesson plan focuses on researching a specific country or several countries; however, this activity can be completed with any inquiry topic in the classroom.

Writing lesson plans

writing lesson plans


writing lesson planswriting lesson planswriting lesson planswriting lesson plans