Vfor vendetta belonging essay

Since September 11th Attacks in 2001, the actions of the . government and its allies as they prosecute the War on Terrorism have focused attention on the international law governing reprisals. The pursuit of Osama bin Laden and other individuals suspected of having ties to international terrorist organizations, have drawn criticism. Critics point out that Protocol I to the Geneva Conventions forbids reprisals against civilians and civilian property. The United States is not a party to Protocol I, however, and does not consider the conventions' prohibitions against reprisals directed at all civilians to be part of customary international law. On the other hand, the United States is a party to the Geneva Convention on Civilians and follows its provisions regarding reprisals against protected civilians and their property. Generally, a protected person is one who finds himself or herself "in the hands" of the opposing forces.

The day after McNab's death the Regulators known as the "iron clad" took up defensive positions in the town of Lincoln, trading shots with Dolan men and, allegedly, members of the US Army cavalry. "Dutch Charley" Kruling, a Dolan man, was wounded by rifle fire by George Coe. By allegedly shooting at government troops, the Regulators gained a new set of enemies. On May 15, the Regulators tracked down and captured the Jesse Evans gang member Manuel Segovia, who is believed to have shot McNab. They shot him during an alleged escape. Around the time of Segovia's death, the Regulator "iron clad" gained a new member, a young Texas cowpoke named Tom O'Folliard , who would soon become Bonney's closest friend. [17]

Vfor vendetta belonging essay

v for vendetta belonging essay


v for vendetta belonging essayv for vendetta belonging essayv for vendetta belonging essayv for vendetta belonging essay