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Sandwiched between the Supreme Court’s mixed response and the legislature’s wariness, it is clear that the implementation of a uniform civil code in India will remain a distant dream for a long time to come. In 1954, when Prime Minister Jawaharlal Nehru was asked why Art. 44 had not yet been implemented, he declared: “I do not think that at the present moment, the time is ripe in India for me to try to push it through.” In other words, he did not feel that the country was ripe enough for such an enactment at that time, which was more than fifty- five years ago. Sadly, it appears that even today, the country is not ready for it.

Once again. I awoke with lights playing on my eyelids. At first I had little memory of what had happened, but one look at the group of people peering down at me brought the whole incident back to mind. The young boys were all clad in white uniforms and grinning quite lunatically at me. In. the high corner of the room, I saw a red crescent. Then the horrible little squirts started to call out for their seniors. Outside, I heard fresh gales of laughter . The brats were chortling. I was still clad in pajamas. Not knowing what else to do, I feigned unconsciousness again ...       in no time   in a relatively short time       make a beeline for   to straight to       gales of laughter   a forceful outburst          

Uniform essays

uniform essays


uniform essaysuniform essaysuniform essaysuniform essays