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Whether you are creating a magazine, ebook or paperback book cover, a compelling design is essential for the success of the project. The cover is what sells the book, and if it doesn’t immediately grab the attention of potential readers, many will not take the time to read the description and learn what the book is about. Keep in mind that many consumers today shop for books and magazines using electronic formats such as tablets and smartphones, rather than on bookshelves. For this reason, the title should be large and easy to read and the graphics should be professionally designed in a way that allows the reader to connect emotionally with the subject matter. Also make sure any graphic images are easily viewable in thumbnail size, so they can be seen by readers on all devices.

According to the Publication Manual of the American Psychological Association (APA), there is no such thing as a "cover page" under that writing style standard. In fact, APA refers to such a page as a "title page".

The APA manual states that all manuscripts (. papers) published under that standard require a properly formatted title page composed of three elements: running head for publication, title, and byline of institutional affiliation.

Running Head
The abbreviated title of the paper will be used as the running head throughout the paper.

The running head should be typed flush left at the top of the title page(but below the manuscript page header) in all uppercase letters; not to exceed 50 characters including punctuation.

The title should be typed in uppercase and lowercase letters, centered between the left and right margins and positioned in the upper half of the page. If the title is two or more lines, double-space between the lines.

Byline and Institutional Affiliation
Names of the authors should be typed in the order of their contributions using uppercase and lowercase letters, centered between the side margins, one double-spaced line below the title. Type the institutional affiliation, centered under author's name, on the next double-spaced line.

Below are links to some typical APA style title (cover) page examples.

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    One Author, One Affiliation

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  5. APA Title (Cover) Page Example 5:
    Three Authors, Two Affiliations

  6. APA Title (Cover) Page Example 6:
    Three Authors, Two Affiliations; First and Third Authors

  7. APA Title (Cover) Page Example 7:
    Three Authors, Three Affiliations

Term papers cover page

term papers cover page


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