Technology is beneficial essay

Using our proprietary glycosylation platform, we’ve now been able to produce and characterize more than 20 novel cannabinoid glycosides, or “cannabosides”, which are novel drug candidates that represent a new class of cannabinoid pharmaceuticals. It is well established that cannabis can provide relief of pain and inflammation in certain disease indications, and our prodrugs could exert the same beneficial therapeutic effects, but with notable improvements, such as targeted drug delivery that avoids or reduces psychoactivity . Targeted delivery through glycosylation may enable selective delivery of compounds to the brain or gut, markedly improving the side effect profile or bioavailability of existing drugs.

Hello Mr. Dunn. I am a student at the University of South Alabama majoring in Elementary Education. I am currently enrolled in Dr. John Strange’s EDM 310 class which is teaching me the many skills and benefits of using technology in the classroom. I found your post to be entertaining (it was fun and kind of scary to see how many of the first teaching tools I was familiar with), informative, and enlightening. I have posted a link to your post, as well as the website, on my class blog. Please feel free to check it out some time at http:/// . Thank you for an eye opening visual of technology’s evolution.

Technology is beneficial essay

technology is beneficial essay


technology is beneficial essaytechnology is beneficial essaytechnology is beneficial essaytechnology is beneficial essay