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The biennale is always an overwhelming production, and I was asked to focus on only one half of the main exhibition; see Dan Fox’s response to the other half, located in the Arsenale, where Macel’s thesis is much clearer and (in this critic’s opinion) her Kumbaya reaches a fever pitch. The curator describes her approach as ‘neo-humanism’, but more often it just feels sentimental, an ineffective response to the current global surge of fascism and intolerance. Collaboration and community are supremely important priorities, but alongside platitudes like ‘joy’ and ‘infinity’, they feel more like buzzwords. Enwezor’s biennial excelled when it examined the stakes of those priorities, and the risks one faces in pursuit of them. Macel’s, on the other hand, seems too eager to please, less considerate of the world’s pricklier problems. The biennale is so often a tragedy of timing that I can’t help but wonder whether Enwezor and Macel’s exhibitions would be more successful if they traded place in time.

Gaku Ichikawa ( 市川 学 , Ichigawa Gaku ) Sora's friend, he is a year younger than Sora. He has a crush on Nagase Kai, manager of the Chemistry labs. He seems to be always happy, and he tries to help his friend any way he can. A sincere boy of pure feelings, Sora says that "He expresses four times more his feelings than the majority of the people". In the game Mou Matte , Gaku is given the position of main character and must choose to either continue his relationship with Nagase (as the uke, or bottom) or start a new one with Shiina (as the seme, or top). (Voiced by: Atsushi Kisaichi )

Rabbit thesis joke

rabbit thesis joke


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