Phantom of the opera essay

The musical adaptation of Phantom of Opera was a production of Hal Prince. The dances were choreographed by dance teacher Gillian Lynne.  The theater company, Broadway Productions had performed Phantom of Opera nine thousand times by the year 2009. Currently, the main character of Phantom is played by John Cudia. Sarah Jean Ford is the current Christine and Roul is played by Ryan Silverman. Phantom of the Opera musical has won three Olivier Awards including Best New Musical award for 1986, ten Tony Awards for 1988 and the 2002 Olivier Audience Award for Most Popular Show.

Meanwhile, Joseph Buquet , the Opéra's chief stagehand, regales the chorus girls with tales of the "Opéra Ghost" and his terrible Punjab lasso ("Magical Lasso"). Madame Giry arrives and warns Buquet to exercise restraint or face the Phantom's wrath. In the managers' office, André and Firman read notes from the Phantom aloud and are interrupted by Raoul, who accuses them of sending him a note saying that he should make no attempt to see Christine again. Carlotta and Piangi then burst into the office, demanding to know who sent Carlotta a note saying that her days at the Opera Populaire are numbered. As André and Firmin try to calm the distressed Carlotta, Madame Giry delivers another note from the Phantom: he demands that Christine replace Carlotta in the new opera, Il Muto , lest they face a "disaster beyond imagination" ("Notes..."). Firmin and André dismiss the threat and assure an enraged Carlotta that she will remain their star ("Prima Donna").

Phantom of the opera essay

phantom of the opera essay


phantom of the opera essayphantom of the opera essayphantom of the opera essayphantom of the opera essay