Oil spill research paper

The National Institutes of Health study follows similar research by university scientists and activist groups in the years after the disaster. In interviews with the Government Accountability Project, a Washington . watchdog group, cleanup workers and coastal residents  reported a wide range of symptoms , including memory loss, bloody urine, heart problems and liver damage, according to a 2013 report. A  2015 study by the University of Alabama at Birmingham indicated dispersants could damage human lungs and the gills of fish and other marine life. 

Oil always was a renewable resource. They perpetuated the lie to push the planned obsolescence. Oil is not squeezed out of fossils. It is created by living organisms that die, collect at the bottom of the ocean and is transformed by the severe pressure and heat and then pumped throughout the world through the underground fissures. They always knew that they could push another fake meme, that of peak oil and would be able to charge whatever they wanted for a short time in the future when they came up with this scheme long ago – basically raping the world of its wealth – again! Then they will claim to have created this bio-fuel and will act as saviours again when, in reality, they will find a way to manipulate this industry as well. Endgame is population reduction and slavery of the masses to an elite few. Same story ever since these elite bloodlines have existed. We all have bloodlines, however and morality and will eventually wins. They are merely postponing this end because they think it is a possibility that, in the changeover, they will be exterminated inasmuch as their evil will not be tolerated in the new beginning.
Set the alarm.
Time to wake up.

Oil spill research paper

oil spill research paper


oil spill research paperoil spill research paperoil spill research paperoil spill research paper