Obstetric cholestatis thesis

This guideline summarises the evidence for the fetal risks associated with obstetric cholestasis and provides guidance on the different management choices and the options available for its wide range of definitions of obstetric cholestasis and the absence of agreed diagnostic criteria make comparisons of the published literature challenging and limit the ability to provide detailed recommendations for specific aspects of care. Areas of uncertainty are highlighted along with recommendations for future research in this field.

Absorption of fats can be reduced in OC/ICP and this could affect the uptake of vitamin K. A lack of vitamin K can affect your bloods clotting mechanism and could result in increased blood loss during delivery. Many doctors will check how your blood is clotting and if necessary prescribe a daily supplement of vitamin K, in the form of an oral water-soluble tablet, to try and reduce the risk of a severe bleed after delivery. However, there is no research at present to confirm that taking oral vitamin K will do this, but neither is it thought to harm your baby.

Obstetric cholestatis thesis

obstetric cholestatis thesis


obstetric cholestatis thesisobstetric cholestatis thesisobstetric cholestatis thesisobstetric cholestatis thesis