Obamas speach

Fox News is full of hate speach. It is for people who enjoy hate speach and alot of drama. If Bill O’Reilly does not like what you have to say he will tell you to Shut Up and will kick you off of his show with alot of drama. Glenn Beck looks like he belongs in the insane asylum at times and does not understand that Martin Luther King Jr. was against war and not pro-war, as Glenn Beck seems to have missed out on the fact that MLK was a Peace Activist who spoke out against war as well as being better known as a Civil Rights Activist.
Rush Limbaugh seems like a hate filled narcotics abusing junkie with too much money. He once ranted how he Hates Obamas’ Purple Lips… isn’t it kind of racist to hate someone based on the color of their skin?

Obamas speach

obamas speach


obamas speachobamas speachobamas speachobamas speach