Israel palestine conflict essays

Late in the evening, a second rocket was shot down over Tel Aviv. [89] Following this air sirens went off in Binyamina and Hamas stated that a rocket was fired at Haifa . [90] This was all followed by several rockets being fired at Jerusalem and two landing just outside Jerusalem. [89] Just before midnight, a rocket hit Hadera , 28 miles (45 km) north of Tel Aviv, making it the longest range rocket ever shot into Israel. [91] Upon investigation of the shrapnel, Israel determined it was a Syrian -made M302 Rocket. [92]

According to most mainstream media outlets, the kidnapping of an Israeli soldier by Hezbollah in mid 2006 sparked off the crisis in Lebanon. While Hezbollah has been firing many, many rockets at civilian targets in northern Israel, Israel has retaliated with air strikes at Beirut and elsewhere, bombing civilian infrastructure. The UN has described both sides as committing war crimes. Thousands have become refugees in Lebanon and Israel, as innocent civilians attempt to flee bombardment. Bush and Blair’s stance give the appearance of a green light to Israel to continue its wave of attacks in order to route out Hezbollah, but they too have received criticism from around the world for this. But there were a number of incidents before the kidnapping that contributed to this latest crisis.

Israel palestine conflict essays

israel palestine conflict essays


israel palestine conflict essaysisrael palestine conflict essaysisrael palestine conflict essaysisrael palestine conflict essays