Growing up in a big family essay

Hey Tom,
Nice read. I am in springs as well.
I had some left over soil mix from a last summer that i wanted to use, very similar to the base soil that you were using. (2 parts cocoa/3 parts ocean forest.) I folded in a fresh bag of ocean forest along with some new cocoa and mixed in subs recipe about 1/4 strength as recomended just as a test. Super scared as to burn my girls. My question to you is: being as how i let my base mix sit so long i most likely lost quite a bit of certain nutes that were in the soil. Do you think the npk ratio is imballanced enough to stress or cause lockout?.. and do you think sitting so long could have some other adverse affect? Oh and by the way i had it stored in a tight 54 gallon sterolite container and there were no signs of mold or pathagens that i could tell, still smelled like awesome dirt.. Lol

Hi Dave,
Chemicals sprayed on plants without identification of the insect first can be a no no. However, the description of clear balls over the branches could be a scale insect. Scale insects suck the juices (sugars) out of the plant tissues thus causing the leaves to become deformed. There are also thrips (they deform leaves) as the problem too-also a sucking insect. They usually show their presence by white stippled leaves. Malathion could be used, but I usually don’t use on fruit trees I am eating. It isn’t organic, but it is labeled for this use. Remember to always read the label exactly for description of what you can spray it on, and how much exactly the ratio of mixture to water. When making the spray concoction, more is not better. Sometimes it takes a while, and malathion is a contact spray killer-you may have to do it again to get new generations of the insects that missed the spray entirely. A more organic spray could be horticulture soap or oil and neem. Often times many of these sprays will cause the fruit to drop too. Besides the insects feeding on the leaves, the insecticide can cause harm. Once you get some good new growth on the papaya and new flowers if the insects are under control, you should get back to normal fruit production. Try a little worm poop or fish emulsion at the base to encourage new growth. They also make a great granular fertilizer from Espoma or Dr. Earth full of great nutrients for fruiting trees. Not too much nitrogen in the fertilizer, but a balanced. Their a specific fertilizers for grass or turf and then a mix that works better for flowering and fruiting trees. You don’t want to push too much growth and then fruit production is harmed.

The author writes: “Unfortunately, Congress had forfeited
an opportunity to check the CIA and correct its way of waging
covert wars. In less than 10 years, the problem of the CIA’s
tactical alliances with drug traffickers to support its far-flung
covert wars was back with a vengeance.”

As if the Congressional characters conducting those hearings
weren’t already FAR better informed about the drug–running
details than the poverty–level funded grad student operating on a Yale fellowship.

Of course, this is old news.; an aspect of standard and ongoing
USA covert operations. The entire government, the Deep State,
is complicit.

From their perspective, it’s been quite successful, with only minor
blowback. The death of thousands of “addicts”, ostracized social outcasts,
is a small toll.

The real marvel is the effectiveness of the continuous and pervasive
conditioning and imprinting that has confused and controlled
the average USA citizen to the point that such information is
dismissed with prejudice, without the need for any serious examination.

I can only congratulate their apparatus and techniques.

Growing up in a big family essay

growing up in a big family essay


growing up in a big family essaygrowing up in a big family essaygrowing up in a big family essaygrowing up in a big family essay