Graphics coursework production plan

The information provided below regarding the educational requirements for Illinois CPA exam candidates is intended to provide general guidance only. This information is NOT intended as a means for evaluating your own coursework. The only way to definitively determine which Illinois CPA Requirements you have met is to submit a Credentials Evaluation Application, appropriate fee and required documents through the ILBOE Online System. For a complete description of Illinois CPA Educational Requirements please see the Joint Committee on Administrative Rules: Administrative Code, Title 23, Subtitle A, Chapter VI, Part 1400, Section .

What is export?
Exporting is saving a copy of your file or object to a particular format to be used by other programs. For example: if you create a logo in CorelDraw, but you would like that logo for use in your Web site, you will have to export to a format that Web browsers can read (GIF or JPG). Your original CorelDraw file cannot be read on the Web. Exporting does not affect your working document in any way. CorelDraw exports to any graphic file type most people will ever need.

Graphics coursework production plan

graphics coursework production plan


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