Example of imaginative essay

[…] Imaginative play is excellent for developing lots of skills in toddlers, from creativity to critical thinking. Not to mention, it’s fun. If you want to encourage a toddler you know to use their imagination, there are lots of different toys to choose from. They range from child-sized copies of everyday objects to more fantastical things. So you could get them a plastic kitchen set or toolkit, but you could also try a dressing up costume or a magic wand. It’s a great time for kids to learn how to entertain themselves, but you can make their gift even better by joining in. […]

[I say it is a silly book, for it is less strenuous argument than a reflection of Mr. Dreher’s tendency to run away from what displeases him. First, it was home in Louisiana, then it was the Methodists, then the Roman Catholics. (He is now lodged with the Eastern Orthodox, and I sincerely pray his soul is resting there.) He ran away from the big city and newspapering. With his book on Dante, he did very well, and his heartfelt essays whether of his family and friends, or of travels in Italy, are wonderful. He is now, with the Benedict Option, advocating everyone else run away from society. He says that’s not what he means, but given his penchant for viewing with alarm every disturbance in the Force, one can draw no other reasonable conclusion.]

Example of imaginative essay

example of imaginative essay


example of imaginative essayexample of imaginative essayexample of imaginative essayexample of imaginative essay