Essay on father and son

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After our honeymoon in Hawaii, I spent hours arranging all of our photos perfectly in a wedding album. Finding no satisfaction in it, I never looked at it again. Six months later, just before my father died, I gave him the pretty picture he wanted, my forgiveness, but I didn't mean it and I still don't. I cheated on my husband within months of our marriage and divorced him by our second anniversary.  But years afterward, my mother still refused to take the wedding photos down off of her mantle. “They’re such beautiful pictures,” she would say. Beautiful, perfect and utterly meaningless.                        

Teach your son the importance of giving back by taking him to do a service project with you. There are few qualities as important to exemplify to your son than that of  being service-oriented. Opportunities to serve are all around us. Sign up for Habitat for Humanity, and show your son how to hammer and paint correctly. Volunteer at a soup kitchen. It will give your son a chance to rub shoulders with different kinds of people, and he’ll hopefully walk away with a better appreciation for what he has and a bit more compassion for his fellow man.

Essay on father and son

essay on father and son


essay on father and sonessay on father and sonessay on father and sonessay on father and son