Economics honors thesis stanford

Many of the College of Arts and Sciences departments have opportunities for their majors to achieve departmental honors.  For example, the History Department faculty nominate students who have submitted exceptional papers in 200-level seminar courses. These papers are then reviewed by a faculty committee for honors selection. Economics majors with an economics GPA of or higher at the end of the fall semester of that year are eligible to submit a portfolio of work to a faculty committee for review and honors selection. Additional information is available on individual department websites.

ECON 580 Econometrics I: Introduction to Mathematical Statistics (4)
Examines methods, tools, and theory of mathematical statistics. Covers, probability densities, transformations, moment generating functions, conditional expectation. Bayesian analysis with conjugate priors, hypothesis tests, the Neyman-Pearson Lemma. Likelihood ratio tests, confidence intervals, maximum likelihood estimation, Central limit theorem, Slutsky Theorems, and the delta-method. Prerequisite: STAT 311/ECON 311; either MATH 136 or MATH 126 with either MATH 308 or MATH 309. (Credit allowed for only one of STAT 390, STAT 481, and ECON 580.) Offered: jointly with CS&SS 509/STAT 509.
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Having thoroughly enjoyed my undergraduate years here, when it came time to make the decision to pursue a PhD, the University of Melbourne became a natural first choice. In addition, my research employs an experimental methodology, and Melbourne has a great Economics Experimental Laboratory. Also, the coursework component in the Doctoral Program is an excellent way for students to improve their technical skills while forming bonds with each other - something that would have been more difficult to do in the traditional, individualistic nature of research-only structures. Boon Han Koh PhD candidate (Economics)

Economics honors thesis stanford

economics honors thesis stanford


economics honors thesis stanfordeconomics honors thesis stanfordeconomics honors thesis stanfordeconomics honors thesis stanford