Comparing of contrasting essay examples

Despite the name of the activity, traditional Picture Difference information gap tasks don’t produce a lot of this kind of language. However, you can easily adapt the task by giving students a range of pictures to compare and asking them to decide generally how similar or different each pair of pictures are (“A1 and B1 are almost the same” etc), and then some examples of differences and similarities “The most striking difference is…” etc) without looking at each other’s worksheets. It’s probably best if they write these sentences down. They can then look at all the pictures and change any statements which they now think are wrong.

Mormonism:   Mormons seem to believe in a judgment day for this earth in which the material souls of the dead will be given a kingdom (. assigned a degree of glory) or left disembodied. However, Mormonism is utterly distinct from Islam and Christianity in that it, in a substantial sense, holds out the possibility of multiple judgment days. Because the Mormons believe the re-embodied material soul can itself progress to a god-like state of intelligence, they also believe that re-embodied souls can become gods and creators of their own worlds upon which they can pass judgment. So in the Mormon faith there may be only a single day of judgment for a given world, but there may end up being multiple gods and so multiple worlds, and thus multiple days of judgment.

Comparing of contrasting essay examples

comparing of contrasting essay examples


comparing of contrasting essay examplescomparing of contrasting essay examplescomparing of contrasting essay examplescomparing of contrasting essay examples