Community leader speech essays

Carla Nielsen was honored for her work as a crime prevention specialist in the Minneapolis Police Department. About a dozen years ago, street-level drug dealing was making life miserable for people living in the Phillips neighborhoods and a possible new solution was creating a Court Watch program. The program would bring community members together, along with criminal justice workers, to make sure the residents were heard by the judges when they considered sentences for the drug dealers. Senior Managing Attorney Gail Baez said she didn’t know Nielsen when she was hired as the specialist to coordinate the Court Watch program.

At the Dartmouth talk, a student asked about that tweet. The student was an activist with CAMERA on Campus, a branch of the Comittee for Accuracy in Middle East Reporting in America, an organization that points out anti-Israeli bias in the media. Sarsour responded by attacking him, pointing out that he was a “white man” speaking at an event meant to honor Asian Pacific American Heritage Month. She said the tweet was a “copy and paste that he got from a right-wing blog,” seeming to suggest that the offensive message had not come from her account.

Community leader speech essays

community leader speech essays


community leader speech essayscommunity leader speech essayscommunity leader speech essayscommunity leader speech essays