Child labour essay encyclopedia

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Only an effort of global scale, involving countries and governments across the world, along with citizen’s involvement can fight this problem. The United Nation and The International labour Organisation has taken several global initiatives to eradicate child labor. These efforts have resulted in thousands of children being withdrawn from work and rehabilitated or prevented from entering the workforce. Another noted person  who is in the forefront of this battle is the 2014 Nobel Peace Prize winner Mr. Kailash Satyarthi  who dedicated himself to protecting child rights for over three decades now, freeing 80,000 child labourers ,giving them new hope in life. Every Year June 12 is celebrated by the United Nations as ‘ Word Day against Child labour.  It the duty of every citizen around the world to make sure that his or her child goes to school. As children, we can also play our part in this initiative. If any of our friends are struggling with his or her school fee or any educational need, let us offer a helping hand. We can conduct awareness programs among the poor about the importance of education and request our parents to support poor students. Let’s dream about a world where all children happily go to school and get empowered.

Child labour essay encyclopedia

child labour essay encyclopedia


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