Chemistry thesis

Research in the Kovnir lab are in the broad field of solid state and materials chemistry. Research in his group is focused on synthesis of novel thermoelectric, superconducting, magnetic,... Read more News and Events Arthur Winter, associate professor of chemistry, was honored with the 2017 Trapp Innovation Award. The award provides funding to a faculty member who is pursuing new or unique research in chemistry or the physical sciences.

Members of our distinguished faculty are engaged in the education of ~350 Chemistry or Biochemistry undergraduate majors, ~240 Chemistry graduate students and more than 2,000 other undergraduates each year through their service teaching activities. The school’s extensive and internationally recognized research programs engage its graduate students, ~110 PhD researchers, many undergraduates and collaborators, throughout the campus and from around the world, in cutting edge science.  These programs are supported by a highly talented administrative, technical and scientific staff.

Chemistry thesis

chemistry thesis


chemistry thesischemistry thesischemistry thesischemistry thesis