Blood type diet research paper

There are plenty. On a practical level, you may need a blood test to discover your blood group if you don’t already know it – and this will mean a trip to your local health centre! Mealtimes may also be impossible if everyone in the family wants to follow the diet, but has a different blood group! But most importantly, it’s just another cranky way of getting people to cut calories – and the most worrying thing about this is that while you’ll probably lose weight, it could also affect your health in the long term. Nevertheless, if you’re still adamant about giving it a go, it’s best to follow it for just a short time (one week or less) and use it to kick-start a longer-term, healthy, weight-loss plan.

The simple, straightforward program that is detailed in his book Diabetes Solution, is based in good nutrition, healthy exercise, and (where necessary) small doses of medication. Dr. Bernstein will show you what he has learned during his 69 years of living with Type 1 diabetes and how, through intense research and experimentation he developed his unique but simple plan which has helped countless diabetics. “It’s astonishing no one thought of it before,” he says. “Many in the field of diabetes care still do not accept it!” But those who follow the program stick with it for one reason: it works!

Blood type diet research paper

blood type diet research paper


blood type diet research paperblood type diet research paperblood type diet research paperblood type diet research paper