Apartheid in south africa essays

Glen Grey Act (1894)
Natal Legislative Assembly Bill (1894)
Transvaal Asiatic Registration Act (1906)
South Africa Act (1909)
Mines and Works Act (1911)
Natives Land Act (1913)
Natives (Urban Areas) Act (1923)
Immorality Act (1927)
Native Administration Act (1927)
Women's Enfranchisement Act (1930)
Franchise Laws Amendment Act (1931)
Representation of Natives Act (1936)
Native Trust and Land Act (1936)
Native (Urban Areas) Consolidation Act (1945)

In addition to campuses, anti-apartheid activists found concerned and sympathetic legislators in cities and states. Several states and localities did pass legislation ordering the sale of such securities, most notably the City and County of San Francisco , which passed legislation on June 5, 1978 not to invest "in corporations and banks doing business in or with South Africa". [23] The result was that "by the end of 1989 26 states, 22 counties and over 90 cities had taken some form of binding economic action against companies doing business in South Africa". [5] Many public pension funds connected to these local governments were legislated to disinvestment from South African companies. These local governments also exerted pressure via enacting selective purchasing policies, "whereby cities give preference in bidding on contracts for goods and services to those companies who do not do business in South Africa". [5]

Apartheid in south africa essays

apartheid in south africa essays


apartheid in south africa essaysapartheid in south africa essaysapartheid in south africa essaysapartheid in south africa essays