Anti drug legalization essays

Hugh Hefner, or "Hef" as he preferred to be called, played a crucial role in the early days of NORML. At a time when most Americans were accepting the government's "reefer madness" propaganda, Hef, through the Playboy Foundation, provided NORML with our initial funding in early 1971, and became our primary funder all during the 1970s. And by focusing attention in Playboy magazine on some of the most egregious victims of the war against marijuana smokers, he helped us convince millions of Americans that marijuana prohibition was a misguided and destructive public policy. Hefner was a fearless cultural crusader who believed deeply not just in the right to sexual freedom, but also in civil rights and the right to privacy. May he rest in peace.

LeDain Commission. Things did change: as early as 1969, the Canadian government contemplated a different approach to recreational cannabis. Begun in 1969 and completed in 1972, the LeDain Commission of Inquiry into the Non-Medical Use of Drugs was a Canadian government commission. The majority’s recommendations included the repeal of the prohibition against the simple possession of cannabis and cultivation for personal use; the minority view recommended a policy of legal distribution of cannabis, removal of cannabis from the predecessor to the Controlled Drugs and Substances Act (CDSA, the law that currently governs the production and possession of non-medical cannabis) and provincial controls on possession and cultivation, similar to those governing alcohol use. The report also recommended the federal government conduct further research to monitor and evaluate changes in the extent and patterns of the use of cannabis and other drugs and to explore possible consequences to health, and personal and social behaviour resulting from the controlled legal distribution of cannabis. However, the (ironically Trudeau) government largely ignored the report. 

Shortly after that, I heard the voices of several male scientists and one female scientist who introduced themselves to me while I sat in the pews of La Purisma Catholic Church. They asked me to consent to being controlled by them. They said that it would help a lot of people and I wouldn't notice the difference. I consented. Anyway, they asked me to confirm my consent to them by nodding my head. I nodded my head. They expressed deep gratitude and thanks and reassured me that I was, "Very brave." I never noticed the difference, but from that point forward I had a severe disability in the form of total openness and transparency and a dangerous deficit of fear. On the other hand, they gave me dream virtual reality. I wet the bed until I was 13. I always just relieved myself in dream VR, rather than stopping a dream to wake up and go to the bathroom.

Anti drug legalization essays

anti drug legalization essays


anti drug legalization essaysanti drug legalization essaysanti drug legalization essaysanti drug legalization essays