An essay on morals wylie

The game was played in high winds and the ball was all over the place, despite this it was a good start by both sides. Quite even for a while, then Ashfield scored first from some great work and passing. Five minutes later they scored again to take it to 2–0 to Ashfield. Both teams were battling end to end, some great work from everyone. Market Warsop were awarded a penalty which Nathan Whitehouse confidently despatched, even though the keeper got a hand to it he couldn’t stop it entering the net. Ryan Parry was injured by a tackle late in the first half and had to come off with an achilles injury, shame as he and the lads had been working well and had got back into the game. Tom Lewin came on for Ryan in the second half. Ashfield were really pressing now, they were on the attack Jacob saved a shot that came straight back out to an Ashfield player and was headed in before Jacob could get to his feet. Two minutes later Ashfield scored again, 4 -1. Warriors were under constant attack and were trying to fend them off against great play by the opposition, they scored another quick one and then another with 15 to go. 6–1. Warriors responded by attacking vigorously at the end and Nathan Whitehouse scored his second of the game, 6–2. Ashfield scored one straight back from the kick off as Warriors lapsed and were tiring due to the very fast pace of the game from start to finish. 7–2. Jacob made another great save, and in the last seconds Frankie Leighton managed to get the ball in the net finishing at 7–3.

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An essay on morals wylie

an essay on morals wylie


an essay on morals wyliean essay on morals wyliean essay on morals wyliean essay on morals wylie